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Steve McLoone
Here now: "Steve McLoone's Greatest Hits - According to Steve McLoone". Steve Murphy's "Highway" album is now out on vinyl. Listen to a song on Steve McLoone's new on-line song collection "Gangsta Hippie: Peace, Love & 20 bucks" (see below), all on Ultimasongs Records USR.
The Judd Group CD continues to track/trending.
Check back with us for future updates.
ULTIMASONGS RECORDS presents Simone Perrin's "Hummingbird". Check out her website at
On-line now from ULTIMASONGS RECORDS: "Steve McLoone's Greatest Hits - According to Steve McLoone".
Click on the images and links below for information on Steve McLoone's collection of CDs including his newest on old N funky "Let's Go!".
Steve McLoone's Greatest Hits
:Gangsta Hippie"
Simone Perrin Hummingbird
Old N Funky Let's Go!
ULTIMASONGS RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of Jade Murphy for the release of "Restless”. 
Jade Murphy Restless
Click on the image for Steve McLoone's CD on old N funky "Let's Go!"
ULTIMASONGS RECORDS presents Jerome Lawrence Michael Beckley's new CD, "OFFLEASH". Click here for song download sites and more information.
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Info on Steve's CD
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Info on Jade Murphy
The Murphy Brothers Band signed with ULTIMASONGS Records for exclusive release of their new CD called "Synergy".
Steve McLoone Par-Doo!
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Info on Steve's CD
ULTIMASONGS RECORDS was a big part of the release and promotion of Solomon's "Starlight" and "Kingdom" CDs.
MBB Synergy CD
Solomon Solomon
Steve McLoone Ultimasongs CD
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Info on Steve's CD
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Info on The Murphy Bros Band
The Judd Group
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Info on Steve's original 4 Song EP
The Judd Group performed for their 45th anniversary in December at the Kato Ballroom, Mankato. Click here for more info.
mcloone's "bossa-cha-nova-salsa and dance" CDs and Jade Murphy's "Restless" CD are on
CD Baby! Take a look.
Other featured artists on Ultimasongs Records include Callie Weiss "These Walls" CD and Hallway Heavies, for their first release called "…So Far".
See Steve and other members of The Judd Group in action on YouTube!
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