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Steve McLoone

Steve McLoone was born and raised in Waseca, Minnesota. The youngest of eight children, Steve was influenced by a musical family from an early age. His father had sung professionally as a young man and then continued to sing with Barber Shop quartets. Steve's sister, Annie, had a solo album on RCA Records and received a gold record for singing with Walter Egan ("Magnet and Steel"). His other sister, Patty, had sung and played a variety of instruments in various rock and country bands.

Steve started singing professionally at age 11, playing throughout the Midwest (Sands of Tyme, Cletus Hane, Headstone, and Zero Ted). His first studio recordings were with The Judd Group, and later with Caribou from Rochester, Minnesota. The Judd Group recorded at Electric Ladyland (NY) and numerous other recording studios throughout the U.S. and Canada, and released 2 albums on ASI Records. Tours with REO Speedwagon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Average White Band, The Beach Boys, John Denver, Todd Rundgren, Tina Turner, and many others, brought them success as national act openers and regional headliners while living in Pennsylvania, Florida and later in Mankato, Minnesota.

While taking a break from road-touring, Steve started singing network television and radio jingles for Toyota, Bridgestone Tires, Nature Valley, General Mills cereals, Minnesota Twins theme song, and many others.

In recent years, Steve collaborated on his first solo studio projects with his writing and guitar-playing partner from The Judd Group and Caribou, Tom Williams. Mike "Mac" McCormick - keyboards (Zero Ted) and David "Elwood" Williams - drums (The Judd Group and Caribou) round-out the quartet of experienced musicianship. The recording project began at Sullivan Sound Studios in St. Paul, Minnesota and continued at American Artists Studios in Minneapolis (where Prince recorded many of his early songs) and Hudson-Forrester Studios in Edina.

Steve McLoone's first solo CD release "ULTIMASONGS" covers a wide range of styles and emotions, and features a timeline of recordings.

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